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Mike Reed is an NRA Certified Instructor, Range Safety Officer and Benefactor Life Member of The NRA. He offers courses in Basic Pistol (Ohio CCW Class), Advanced Personal Defense (Simulator Training), First Step Pistol Orientation, Personal Protection In The Home and Home Firearms Safety.
Mike spent six years in The United States Marine Corps where he served as a Military Police Officer. He began shooting and hunting at a young age and has over 35 years of firearms experience.
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The NRA's Basic Pistol course is required in Ohio prior to applying for your Concealed Carry License. If you don't plan on applying for a concealed carry license but want to learn about pistols, gun safety and how to properly shoot a pistol, this class is for you as well.

The class is 12 hours long, as required by Ohio law, and is completed in one day from 7:30am to 7:30pm. Students will need to bring a handgun (larger than a .22 cal), 50 rounds of ammunition, hearing and eye protection. Handguns are available for rent if needed.
Cost of the class is $95. Classes are held in Liberty Township near West Chester, Ohio only 30 minutes from Cincinnati and Dayton.

For more information, class calendar and registration please go to the 'Class Registration' page

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